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Extra Herb 62 Essential Cream for Complex & Dry Skin Types (120ml)

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※ Extra Herb Skin Care Line :
▪ Strong functional organic cosmetics different from other organic cosmetics that only focus on safety
- Easy to approach customers who need pure and safe cosmetics
- Convenient to appeal customers who want strong functional cosmetics

▪ Prescribed for sensitive and trouble skin
▪ Numbers displayed on product are percentage of patent ingredients of BYHERB (trouble care) - High concentration organic ginseng fermented ingredient / comparative advantage to high end cosmetics.
▪ The more sensitive your skin is, the more you need to use organic cosmetics

※ What is extra herb?
- BYHERB's exclusive patent ingredients to improve trouble skin including herb medicine extract

※ What is organic cosmetics?
- Cosmetics made with botanical extract grown with organic method on soil without using agricultural pesticides, chemical compost and ethylphenol agricultural pesticides more than 3 years

About Brand :
BYHERB provides high-functional natural cosmetics only of which ingredients are made by 98% pure plant extract for many Asian women desiring to fundamentally solve their facial skin troubles in a natural way. Environment-friendly hand-made cosmetic brand, BYHERB promises you to see an improvement in your skin by using 100% fresh Korean-born ingredients like herb, grain, and oriental medicine material.