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CNP Peeling Mask

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CNP is the new innovative brand for genuine anti-aging care. Based on the brand philosophy of ‘Real Experience’ to provide a true experience of skin improvement, CNP has been created by integrating truly efficacious ingredients and unparalleled technology to offer innovative skin care solutions.

What It Is: 

Step 01: Peeling Booster: This hypoallergenic exfoliating booster gently dissolves dead skin cells, leaving you with a sleek skin texture with no need for further rinsing.

Step 02: Peeling Mask Sheet: This hypoallergenic exfoliating mask gently dissolves dead skin cells while deeply providing moisture to create a sleek and dewy complexion with no need for further rinsing.

How To Use:

Step 01: Apply Intensive Brightening Ampule on entire face after cleansing.
Step 02: Gently press Power Brightening D-Day Mask on entire face.
Leave on and relax for about 15-20 minutes. Gently peel off the mask and gently pat face allowing remaining serum to absorb well into your skin.