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Recharging Lotion

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Dual functional Whitening·Anti-wrinkle cosmetic Oil & Moisture balance lotion that fills the deep of the skin with moisture to make clear and bright skin texture. 

Size: 100 ml



Mainly consisted of plants extracts, it improves the weak and dry skin. It enhances the skin's defensive power to help maintain the skin healthy. By containing mixed extracts with 10 kinds of plants ingredients, it presents strong miniaturization, vitality and glow to the skin to improve to a clear skin.


  • French Pinus Pinaster Outer Layer Extract - Helps with maintaining the health of skin, which can be overlooked after washing.
  • Lily Magnolia Extract - Presents a strong moisturizing feeling to the dry and parched skin.
  • Deep Ocean Water - Makes transparent and clear skin with moisturizing effect for a long time.


        HOW TO USE?
        • After cleansing and toning, massage recharging lotion into your skin, patting in until fully absorbed.