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All Skin Type (For dry Skin)

1. Soft natural moisturizing

Enhance natural moisture ingredients for dry skin. After washing, naturally leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, soft and smooth.

2. Burdenless deep cleansing everyday

Excluded harmful ingredients, cleans your skin with no stimulation with nature, nature derived ingredients.

3. Use natural lemon grass oil

It is not an artifical fragrance.It is lemon grass oil and tea tree oil. So, the facial cleanser smells very fresh and light.


If you want to have light (Powder T + Bellon Herb Cleansing Foam)

1) After a Powder T is opended, put it on your hands.

2) Squeezes Cleansing foam as much again as the amount of powder. (Powder 1: Cleansing Foam 2)

3) Make sufficient foam with water on your plam and apply with circular movement on your face.

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