Have you heard of Cloud All-in-one Cleanser?

What do you use to remove makeup? How well does that product remove makeup for you? This is another favorite cleanser of mine. See pictures below and let me explain...


I applied waterproof gel eyeliner on the left and in the middle eyeshadow and on the right is a lip tint that is hard to erase after applying and it's waterproof as well.
I applied the cloud in one cleanser and starting going in circular motions to erase the makeup.
The makeup erased completely with no residue leftover! amazing....this is for real I just used cloud in one cleanser and water to rinse.
How to Use
Scoop with the spatula provided and make a lather with your hands with a little bit of water added to it.
This product not only acts as a cleanser but once water is added the cleanser turns into foam and you can wash your face and the makeup is removed completely. As you can see in the picture I rubbed the product onto my hand without any water but it is very moist and soft. This is ideal for people with dry skin or even sensitive skin because the product isn't harsh on my skin.
Product Review
My honest review of this product...
I like this product because I don't have to worry about cleansing my makeup and then washing my face with a foam cleanser. It makes my life easier with this product because I would take two steps in cleansing my face but this shortens it by one step. The great thing about this product is that my skin is moist and smooth after I use it. It also has a brightening effect and I love the brightening effect because I don't like tanned skin. The texture is very similar to light fluffy ricotta cheese or even whipped butter. As I rub this onto my skin it is very light and most of the the makeup is removed very nicely. 
Here is the link to purchase the cleanser!